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  • A-Linie Spitze Brautkleid Prinzessin Weiß Langes formelles Brautkleid

    [Artikelnummer: CHI079]

    4.9 27
    US$  204. 60
    Farbe: Bitte Wählen Sie Farbe

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    *G.Von scheitel Bis Boden():
    Schneidzeit: 22-28 Tage
    Lieferdauer: 5-10 Tage

    Schneller Lieferung ( DHL,UPS):5-10

    Standard Liefer (EMS,E-packet):20-25

    Beschreibung Maßetabelle Farbentabelle


    Beschreibung Maßetabelle Farbentabelle
    Produktname: A-Linie Spitze Brautkleid Prinzessin Weiß Langes formelles Brautkleid
    Kategorie: Brautkleider in A-Linie
    Artikelnummer: D158321345980767
    Farbe: Wie Bild,Weiß,Elfenbein,Chamagner
    Maß: EU 32,EU 34,EU 36,EU 38,EU 40,EU 42,EU 44,EU 46,EU 44 G,EU 46 G,EU 48,EU 50,EU 52,EU 54,EU 56
    Rücken: Rückenfrei
    Stoff: Tüll
    Schnitt: A Linie
    Silhouette: Übergröße
    Länge: Bodenlang
    Verzierung: Spitze

    Was glaubten die Anderen?

    • Basierend auf 27 Bewertungen
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    Couldn't be happier! Dress is absolutely beautiful and has a Perfect fit! Great customer service and was easy to place order. Would love to recommend you to my friends who need wedding dresses.


    Thank you! I was very happy to buy this dress at your site. I was thrilled when I saw my beautiful dress. It was everything I could want for my wedding. Nice and thx for your hard work and nice again!!


    Sorry for the late review. I just come back from my honeymoon, and i got time to leave a review! I had the most amazing day! and all the guests loved my bridal look since the dress looks really gorgeous on me. In fact, I was going to order the dress from my local store( similar dress, but the price is around 3 times over this dress price). but they told me that the dress wouldn’t arrive at my home in time, I felt so disappointed. My cousin tagged me at one of your posts, you guys accept rush orders, the tailors helped me to finish my dress in 25 days!! And arranged the fastest delivery! I really appreciate all your help! and when I received this dress and tried it on, nothing I could say but WOW!! It’s really a pleasant shopping experience! cocosbride, thanks for saving my big day!!


    I ordered a custom size, it came in just 4 weeks and fits perfectly. I'm going to make a few adjustments but the dress is wonderful.


    I can't believe how great the service is from cocosbride. I tried the same style dress on in a shop, which was $1300, and decided to take a chance on here. cocosbride contact me on the day I submitted my measurements to confirm my strange sizings and then they got to work making my dress straight away. There were no reviews about this particular dress so after reading the great reviews on all of the other dresses I felt I had nothing to lose. The quality of the dress is as good as, if not better than, the dress I tried on in the shop. It fits well and was delivered within 4 weeks of placing the order.


    Great dress at super affordable price! And this dress is even more beautiful in person! BTW, their Customer Service are fantastic and always get back to you within 24 hours and are very very helpful.


    This dress is better than in picture. Just beautiful, cannot find a better dress for the price.


    This is a great dress! I was so pleasantly surprised when I ordered it. I received it today (after ordering it 30 days ago). I really thought this was going to be a cheaply made, ill-fitting dress because it's so inexpensive, but it's actually very well constructed. Overall, I'm absolutely stunned at how great this dress is for being so cheap. I would recommend it 100x over, and order true to size!


    If you buy from cocosbride, the quality is good. Don't worry about any one seeing your goods, as the material is thick. Very flattering! Enjoy.


    For the price I was shocked. Fit well, support for larger women is so so but the materials were great and I was very happy. I bought my normal size and it fit very well.

    A-Linie Spitze Brautkleid Prinzessin Weiß Langes formelles Brautkleid
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