Cocosbride’s Wedding Dresses Won’t Break The Bank

Before shopping for a wedding dress, consider if you have such like these thoughts while preparing your wedding dress?

1. I shouldn’t eat anything before this appointment or drink anything. But I’m hungry. I’m just going to have a snack.

::: 10 minutes later :::

2. I just ate the equivalent of two meals because I’m so nervous and excited.

3. Why not go out? THE STORE I might find my dress in!

4. Oh, but that one dress is really cute though.

5. Wait…this store is small.

6. Do they have an underground warehouse I’m not aware of?

7. Do I know my budget? Yes, and we absolutely cannot go over it.

8. Do I know what I want my wedding dress theme to be…? No?

9. What’s a wedding dress theme? Is “pretty” a theme?

10. I should’ve prepared more. I should’ve made one of those binders I saw on Pinterest. I’ve made a huge mistake.

11. Instead of hanging outside, how about shopping online?

12. Wowie woo woo. This is a wedding dress a celebrity would wear.

13. I look great. No, I look AMAZING.

14. I am wearing a wedding dress. This is the weirdest thing ever.

15. I look like a bride. About to get married. But do I want to look like this kind of bride?

16. Oh my god, is my mom…crying?

17. Oh no, am I crying?


19. Do I have to wait how long to see this thing again?

20. Whatever it’ll be worth the wait. And I’ll look better than any other bride EVER.

Nowadays, people would more like to shop online. It is a good way to choose a shop that’s affordable for everyone. Cocosbride is such an online shop that specializes in designing and making wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses with cheap prices, in which the brides and the bridesmaid will find a dress matching the wedding theme and complementing the wedding gown.

All you want of these wedding dresses can get on The girls will not get any disappointment if they go with the dresses from Cocosbride.

What To Consider When Choosing Wedding Dresses

Shopping for a wedding dress can feel intimidating. While some brides go into the process with their dream dress already in mind, others have trouble finding the one. We’re here to provide some tips and tricks for narrowing down your wedding dress selections.


When considering buying a wedding dress, the silhouette goes important. Ball gowns have a full skirt, a fitted bodice, and a cinched waist, which means that they can help you to show the dramatic effect.

While petite brides can try a mermaid style dress, which is a tapered skirt that flares out above the knee, to elongate their figure. An empire waist gown also helps create the illusion of longer legs.

Another form-fitting style is the sheath skirt, which is straight and doesn’t flare. It also adds length and is great for brides with sleek figures. This helps brides showing off the waist and hip area.

Lastly, A-line skirts trim at the top and extend from the waist in an A-shape, which helps to flatter your curve perfectly And it’s the go-to shape for wedding dresses.


On your wedding day, the majority of the pictures taken of you will be from the waist up, making the neckline extremely important. A strapless, corset bodice is the most popular for its versatility. Bustier brides should go for a simple bodice with a structured off-the-shoulder or cowl neckline. Less busty brides can use a more embellished bodice or a sweetheart neckline to add shape. A square or scoop neckline looks great on everyone.

All in all, after setting the theme, the silhouette and neckline are the priority for wedding dresses consider. And luckily, they can all be found in to fulfill your dream wedding. Try to keep an open mind, think about your preference first and consider wedding trends second, and most importantly – have fun! Wish you a perfect wedding ceremony.

Global Shopping Festival in November on

Remember that time Cocosbride answered everyone’s calls for bohemian, decently priced wedding dresses with its own line?

Well, it’s happening again. And this time, Cocosbride is releasing a line of the most popular wedding dresses on a-half price off.

This Global Shopping Festival left our hearts flurrying with excitement for what’s to come in the bridal world. Let the wedding dress search begin here!

One of the most expected trends for wedding dresses 2019 is long sleeves, this means airy lace or sheer arm coverage with sleeves made from the same material as the bodice or with lacework so that the overall look still feels light. There’s a bohemian styling that’ll make you look and feel like a ~goddess~.

And if you’re looking for amazing bride dresses, or something shorter or more casual, they’ve got you covered.

That’s not all. Want to really get more beautiful things to your wedding dress? Then you can opt for a pretty headpiece, a charming veil, etc. Now you can get free gifts here.

Nowadays, it is very easy to find a wedding dress on the Internet as there are so many bridal online shops there. Cocosbride is such an online shop, specializing in making wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. They have hundreds of different styles of the bridesmaid dresses in 50+ colors for choice. Besides, the price of the dresses are really affordable and the dresses are made of high quality. The girls will not get any disappointment if they go with the dresses from Cocosbride.

What’s more, the Global Shopping Festival in November in Cocosbride shows a more amazing wedding dress, making effortless elegance that much easier for brides to achieve.

Are you ready to venture to heaven and see all the gorgeous details from Cocosbride? Let’s go!!

Best Choices For Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100

As we knew, having a wedding is definitely not cheap. Although it would be a good manner for the bride to pay for the bridesmaid dresses, most brides cannot afford it. Cocosbride offers some beautiful and high-quality bridesmaid dresses under $100 for you.

When you announce your bridal party, the girls often experience a whirlwind of emotions ranging from excitement, nervousness to dread. Mostly because they constantly worry about how much their roles in your wedding will cost them. Most often, bridesmaids are the ones ponying up for the dresses so it’ll be a big relief to them when you discover bridesmaid dresses online that cost as low as $100.

It Doesn’t Overburden Your Budget. Moreover, with a dress option that costs less, your bridesmaids can pay for their own accessories and personalize their hair and makeup to suit their style.

A $100 dress doesn’t mean it has to be of low quality or look cheap. You can actually score a legitimate deal on a high-quality dress by spending some extra time looking for dresses and comparing the prices without feeling rushed. You’ll have to do your research to be one of the first for this kind of sale. It’s great if you can have a look at the dresses at a store but if you can’t, make sure that you check the material and quality of the dresses before making a purchase. 

If you plan on trying the mismatched trend, some bridesmaids can end up paying more than the others. While the price difference may not be huge, girls can get quite put off by that. By informing your girls beforehand that a mix and match bridesmaid dress will cost a $100 at max, you can rest assured that they definitely won’t be complaining. What’s more, they’ll be pleasantly surprised if you can wind up a dress for even less!

Where To Buy Excellent Wedding Dresses With Affordable Prices

When planning a wedding the first task is to pick the perfect date for the ceremony. Then there are the wedding bands, the flower girls, bridesmaids, caterer, flowers and most importantly, the wedding dress!

But we all know that out of all of the expenses associated with getting married, the biggest single-item spend is the wedding dress. For budget-conscious women, the money of luxury wedding dress that could go into other aspects of the wedding, the honeymoon, or a new home. So if you’re looking to save money without compromising on beauty, check out our list of the top cheap wedding dresses from Australia online shop below.

For a wedding dress that combines classic with a bit of fashion forward drama and a lot of sensuality, the off-shoulder and skinny straps might just be the best wedding dress trend for you.

This Elegant Lace Tulle Wedding Dress is versatile and suitable for both outdoors and chamber wedding party.

If you’re the kind of bride who wants something flowing gracefully at the rear of your bridal gown as you walk around in a beach or garden stair. Have a look at this lace top wedding dress with train. It can not only add a fashion-forward sophistication, but also strong note of glamour.

This Long Sleeve Lace Tulle Wedding Dress from can be custom-made for plus size and petite brides.

Simple is beautiful. Without any adornment, simple like a white paper. It is bound to get you under the spotlight and envy of many for your pure beauty, and it does so while making you appear ultra-feminine, slimmer and more curvy.

This Graceful Sleeveless Satin Wedding Dress with soft satin fabric helps you show your tender spirit.

Or if you want to make a show-stopping appearance on your big day with a big entrance, just like a princess, then this dramatic ball gown will be your perfect choice. Features like the voluminous skirt combined with spaghetti strap and sweet bodice, adding with delicate back lace-up detailing make your be the perfect one.

This Spaghetti Strap Tulle Ball Gown Wedding Dress makes your waist appear lean and tiny like a wasp’s.

Luxury should be affordable and Cocosbride strives to help every bride-to-be afford a gorgeous wedding dress to wear on her big day.

Cocosbride’s First Dance Wedding Songs Playlist For Your Bridal Party

The first dance is one of the most romantic, fun, and meaningful traditions that you’ll see at a wedding. It’s a celebration of the relationship so far, and a beautiful way to kick-off many happy years of marriage. It’s a chance for the bride and groom to really reflect on their love for each other; whether it’s commemorating all the sweet and funny moments, or remembering all the hardships and the obstacles.

When the first dance starts, the bride and groom are simply lovers with a marriage certificate—by the time it finishes, they are well and truly newlyweds.

The first dance is important, so you have to pick the music to set the tone. You can’t just pick any old Ed Sheeran wedding song, and just call it a day. A lot of thought has to go into picking a first dance wedding song that’s personal to the newlyweds.

You bring the champagne, we’ve got the tunes! Listen now:

10: Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud (2014)

Church-Inspired, Modern Blue-Eyed Soul


A great, soulful song perfect for couples of all ages.

9: Michael Buble – Everything (2007)

A Classic Wedding Song


Who doesn’t love some Buble? This song is a jazzy number to open the dance floor.

8: Lady Antebellum – Just A Kiss (2011)

Old-School Country Brilliance


A swinging, country-pop masterpiece—the perfect mood for couples who want to start their marriage off with a bang!

7: Van Morrison – Crazy Love (1970)

An Upbeat, Dancey, Love Song


There’s nothing crazy about this beautiful classic song about true love.

6: Adele – Make You Feel My Love (2008)

Slow Dancing, Soul-Pop Perfection


No wedding song list would be complete without Adele. This is a truly wonderful song, her voice soothes the soul.

5: John Legend – All Of Me  (2013)

The Epitome Of Romantic R&B


Undoubtedly one of the sweetest love songs of its generation, this song raised the bar for husbands all around the world. It’s perfect if you want to make your bride feel like the most special person in the world.

4: Frank Sinatra – The Way You Look Tonight (1961)

A Jazzy, Upbeat Classic, Perfect For A Waltz


Sinatra has been a staple for wedding dances since the 60s, and this jazzy number shows why!

3: Jack Johnson – Better Together (2005)

An Acoustic, Alternative Rock Tear-Jerker


For those who want something a little more laid-back, this acoustic number is perfect for small, intimate gatherings.

2: Jason Mraz, Cobie Caillat – Lucky (2009)

A Perfect Modern Wedding Song


This beautiful duet is such a unique yet beautiful wedding song; it’s perfect for a younger millennial crowd.

1: Norah Jones – Come Away With Me (2002)

A True Masterpiece


This song is truly one of the best slow songs to dance to…ever! I mean it’s Norah Jones, can you expect anything other than brilliance?

Final Words

Some of these songs aren’t just limited to for the married couple to enjoy. They’re also good picks for father-daughter or mother-son dances too!

PS: Still searching for the perfect bride and bridesmais dress? Take a look at Cocosbride’s boutique list and find the dress of your dreams. (This playlist doubles as the perfect music for test-driving our dresses with your best dance moves!)

Boho Wedding Dresses For Free-Spirited Brides

Tons of brides are doing the boho chic look for their wedding lately – and who can blame them? The romantic bohemian look is totally breathtaking with its effortless and artsy vibe. If you’re inspired by delicate florals and are looking to recreate those lovely lacy looks, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive in and take a look at how you can be the bohemian bride of your dreams.

What’s A Bohemian Wedding Dress?

Bohemians are creative and like to live on their own terms. Part of the bohemian lifestyle is also frugality, or making do with the simple things. You may know that bohemian means carefree, rebellious and free-spirited! But what’s a Bohemian Wedding Dress? The perfect boho wedding dress is far from the grandiose princess ballgown, but rather, a down-to-earth and delicate ensemble.

Bohemian Wedding Dresses For Every Bride

There are several ways you can bring the boho vibe to your wedding attire! We’ve compiled a list of boho wedding dresses in Australia so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect one for you:

3. Lace, Lace, And More Lace

LACE IS EVERYTHING! One sure way to imbue your wedding dress with the romantic bohemian vibe is through lace! Lace is a boho style staple with a distinctly romantic and feminine touch, making it perfect for a bohemian wedding dress.

2. Keep It Simple

Part of the bohemian aesthetic is simplicity: delicate details over dramatic elements. Let your natural beauty take centre stage by going with a dress that doesn’t demand too much attention, instead highlighting everything else around it.

Cocosbride sells wedding dresses to fit every girl and style out there. This simple dress is great for a bohemian beach wedding as to shape your flowy silhouette. It’s very affordable and even has plus sizes available!

1. Go For Gold – Or Any Other Colour

That “something unique” doesn’t have to be a small detail, it can be your entire dress! Boho brides are rebel brides, so don’t limit yourself to the traditional white wedding dress: go for bold, non-traditional ideas that are sure to leave a mark on your guests.


If you fancy yourself a free spirit who’d rather forgo traditions and go her own way, then you are definitely a bohemian bride. Embrace your inner bohemian and simply let things be as they should be. Come to Cocosbride to let boho wedding to be your perfect choose.

Cocosbride Launched An Affordable Range Of White Lace Wedding Dresses Online

For many brides, a wedding dress is a fundamental feature of a wedding day – but with the average cost of weddings skyrocketing, it’s no wonder couples are looking for ways to cut back.

Fortunately, Cocosbride (an online wedding dresses Australia store) is listening to this new generation who don’t want to blow their life savings on saying “I do”. Thanks to the rise of affordable bridal collections, women everywhere can now walk down the aisle in a dress that fits the budget. Cocosbride launched an affordable range of boho wedding dresses and simple white bridesmaid dresses that won’t break the bank.

The range of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and flower girl dresses are specially designed for the wedding party. Prices start as low as A$40, with the most elaborate wedding dresses setting you back just A$350.

The one-stop-shop for everything from flower girl dresses to wedding dresses, bridesmaids can get their hands on a selection of gowns in 50 colors.

For brides, options span from traditional floor-length lace dresses to embroidered wrap styles and frill-trimmed gowns.

Cocosbride, Online Delicate Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses And Flower Girl Dresses!

A wedding is the ceremony where a couple accept blessing and walk their aisle. To that girl, the wedding should be one of the most important occasions in her lifetime.

For those lovely girls, Cocosbride is an Online Wedding Dresses Australia Store that has a large following of girls who are willing to order their wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses from our site because Cocosbride has plenty of beautiful styles with a preferential price.

Every bride deserves to be beautiful and eye-catching on the most special day of her life, and Cocosbride is here to help! With such varieties of wedding dresses, at Cocosbride, you will find almost every style, length, or size you might want!  There are different kinds of Boho Wedding Dresses Australia at Cocosbride, which is cater to the bride’s preference in most wedding venue. At Cocosbride, you are sure to find the dreaming wedding dress you are looking for!

Meanwhile, A wonderful dress in the wedding is not only the privilege for brides but also for those bridesmaid, therefore, a decent and affordable dress also touch those bridesmaids heart. For those ladies, Cocosbride has hundreds of different styles of Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses Online possessing up to 50 colors and size from size 2 to size 26W. Moreover, it is very easy to find the color to match the wedding theme. You will never get disappointed if you take your bridesmaid dress from

Everyone in the wedding party deserves the very best dress. Create the most wonderful wedding and make your flower girl feel as pretty as a princess with Cocosbride’s charming Flower Girl Dresses. We have a huge collection for you to choose from, including White Flower Girl Dresses, ivory flower girl dresses and colored ones. Beautifully made with distinctive chiffon, silky satin, delicate lace and sparkling sequins. Plus premium bows, graceful lace, full tulle, and wonderful design are just some of the dainty details that make flower girl dresses from Cocosbride so unique. With hundreds of styles to buy now online, we are sure to have your favorite!

There are two main ways Cocosbride meets these needs: a custom-size tailoring service is available, and there are numerous dress styles to pick from. At present, to make the dress fit perfect, the girls could send the measurements to Cocosbride and make the dress according to their own size if they could not find a standard size fitting.

Except for the customized service, Cocosbride also provide lots of the silhouettes for the wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. From the modest a-line and sheath to the sexy mermaid, from the stunning long style to the graceful short one. These styles of the dresses are of the trendy elements and sleek thoughts, which are very unexceptionable and perfect for the weddings.

Another great reason to shop from Cocosbride? Our dresses can be worn to other special occasions. With long-lasting quality, you get incredible value with every purchase.

Cocosbride is now working on the new styles, updating on the site constantly. With all the passions and the efforts on the development of styles, Cocosbride is committed to becoming one of the best sites to buy the wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses around the world. But anytime, Cocosbride will be your most loyal friend in the ceremony. Wish you enjoy yourself at the wedding!